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"Anglesea operates like a mini-emergency department with specialist clinical services. 24 hours a day, 365 days a year"

Urgent Care services are often seen asGeneral Practice with extended hours.The reality is so much more than that.With urgent care qualified clinicians,specialty nursing & fracture clinics,we save lives everyday.

Urgent care is the branch of medicine that covers thetreatment of accidents and urgent medical problems in thecommunity. Urgent care clinics provide non-appointment care.Patients present with acute injuries or illnesses and areprioritised on arrival. Urgent care clinics treat some conditionsthat are also managed in emergency departments, andstatistics indicate cities with urgent care clinics havesignificantly lower emergency department attendance.

At Anglesea, we pride ourselves on doing just that - reducingthe burden on our emergency department, providing qualitycare accessible to all and improving the patient journey.Often, the concept of treating patients based on triage vs theirarrival time is misunderstood. But it's effective at identifyingpatients who need to be seen urgently. Anglesea investsheavily into our triage processes through training &development of our staff at multiple levels.

At Anglesea, we are unique not just because of our highly trained clinicians, working 24hrs a day, but also because we separate our clinical services into

MedicalCARE is for when you are feeling unwell, a health-related issue that is not the result of an accident or injury. From treating asthma, to deep-vein-thrombosis (DVT), severe migraines to the flu - and everything in between. We keep patients out of hospital every day. Providing extended care, support and assurance. We support when your GP isn't available afterhours & when acutely

InjuryCARE is for anything accident related. Perhaps you've sprained your wrist or ankle whilst playing sports, pulled a muscle in your back, had a fall or tripped, broken a bone, even bee stings and allergic reactions in some circumstances; these examples and so many more are treated through our InjuryCARE pathway.

Our InjuryCARE pathway is designed to get you back on your feet, enjoying the warmer weather and doing the things you love.

What does our InjuryCARE service look like?
Upon arrival our reception staff will ask you what brought you into the clinic, if its due to an accident or injury you will be asked to fill in an ACC45 form via our kiosk. If you can't fill this in yourself, one of our friendly staff will do that for you. From there you will be triaged by our triage nurse, usually within 15-30mins.

If you need an x-ray, you will be offered this service. From there you may go to our Injury subwait room before being seen by the doctor or injury specialist. InjuryCARE patients wait in a separate stream to our MedicalCare patients.
At Anglesea, we provide integrated, customised and coordinated plans to move you smoothly from injury to recovery. You may be offered a follow-up appointment either with us or another provider depending on the nature of your injury.