Partnering Practices @ Anglesea

ensuring patient care 24 hours a day

Partnering Practices for Urgent MedicalCare 24 hours

From 1 June 2021

Anglesea Clinic has formed partnerships with local GP Practices

Partnered GPs subsidise your medical visit with us, enabling you to have access to
Urgent MedicalCare 24 hrs* Please check our notice board (within the clinic) or visit our
website for a list of partnered practices

If your GP Practice is not listed - we are happy to see you, but you will need to pay a surcharge
Alternatively - please contact your GP Practice

If you have any questions as to why your practice is not partnering - you need to speak with them directly

We appreciate this will be difficult for many patients, Anglesea apologises for any inconvenience

*excludes ACC / Injuries